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    Welcome to our Forums

    The Official release of the CursedMC Website!

    Our Discord: https://discord.io/CursedMC
    Our IP: play.cursedmc.net
    Our Webstore: store.cursedmc.net
    Our Twitter: CursedMC_

    Welcome to CursedMC's forums! These forums will be our primary method and way to communicate with the community. Things you may expect to see in the forums is a support system, bug reports, all types of applications, general discussions, loads of announcements, updates, and much more! We're still upgrading and working on our forums, so expect modifications over the next few weeks.

    You may also notice that the platform is familiar. This is because we're using a version of XenForo, It's easy to adapt to. If you aren't used to these kind of forums.

    If you have any suggestions for our forums, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are sorry for the bland post, we just needed something before we start to put anything out :). Have a great day!

    CursedMC's Administrative Team.

    Pssssst... here is a sneak peak of the spawnpoint ;)



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